I have great respect for Bishop David Oyedepo both as an outstanding Christian minister and as a man who has contributed to boosting Nigeria’s modest progress. As is well-known, Oyedepo has given Nigeria two private universities so far and remains a major moral voice in the country.

Nonetheless, I was taken aback when, in the midst of the myriad of challenges Nigeria is currently faced with, he recently said if Nigeria were to split between North and South, so be it! Oyedepo said, “If the nation will break, let it break. Marriage is not by force.”

Instructively, in a 2003 prophetic statement, Bishop Oyedepo had said Nigeria was going to be a great country by 2013 in Africa and beyond. Admittedly, he has taught that prophecies don’t fulfil themselves – that people take responsibility to fulfil prophecies. Which is why I’m worried that coming on the backdrop of numerous challenges that Nigeria is facing, it is not the most appropriate responsibility to make potentially divisive or tension-inducing statements like the one he made above. If Oyedepo really believes Nigeria is going to be great as he had prophesied, he should know better that, like Job in the Bible, challenges ought not to make him speak less of that belief. Indeed, challenges ought not to make us speak less of our faith in Nigeria’s great destiny!

Bishop Oyedepo and other Christian ministers who hold similar pseudo-divisive opinions about Nigeria should borrow a leaf from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome whose passion for Nigeria is explained by his many passionate public comments in her favour as well as his ministry’s special publications on Nigeria such as the 50th Independence Anniversary Rhapsody. Prophet T. B. Joshua is another minister whose efforts for Nigeria’s good should be emulated. His recent gesture to deliver truck loads of food aid to some Borno State communities, and his regular scholarship grants and other forms of assistance to poor and helpless Nigerians are some of the many pragmatic ways in which Christian leaders can contribute to Nigeria’s progress.

In times of challenges, the last thing leaders of conscience can do is to say things that are prevaricate or that could further spell uncertainty. This particular comment by Oyedepo doesn’t add any value to stakeholder efforts to make Nigeria better. It just shouldn’t have been said!

Bishop Oyedepo will rather efficiently spend his energies on speaking up against the astronomical and increasing rates of social injustice in Nigeria as Ahmed Sule has invited him and a select few of other leading Christian ministers to do so here:

It is true that marriage is not by force but it is better, especially from a core Christian perspective to seek to mend, than to discard, a frosty marriage. Oyedepo should know this better as his wife is a great marriage counsellor and teacher in her own right.

Those calling for Nigeria’s split should learn a lesson from oil-rich South-Sudan: The predominantly Christian population of Southern Sudan has had quite some deadly conflicts less than a year after independence from their mainly Muslim brothers in the North. In late December 2011, for instance, more than 3,000 people were brutally massacred in the new country in a bloody ethnic violence over cattle ownership. This confirms that beyond the issues of discord with Northern Sudan, access to resources has been problematic in South Sudan as it can be anywhere else – including in a ‘Southern Nigerian Republic’.

Nigeria’s core problem is clearly not the diversity of her people. Rather, it is corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of our commonality, depriving Nigerians from both the North and the South of the country the needed opportunities to lead a good life. This proofs that denied access to resources is at the base of Nigeria’s problems just like in South Sudan’s case and shouldn’t be construed to be a North-South fractious dichotomy.

In this globalisation era, countries, the world over, are embracing cultural diversity and are still cohabiting peacefully. Diversity and population strengths are a plus in this age and Nigeria cannot afford to take that lightly. It would be wrong for any Nigerian to therefore undermine our country’s multicultural character and attempt to premise its present hardships on that, with the mistaken calculation that those hardships will melt away if the country was split. Beyond cultural diversity, there are a lot more gains for a united than for a divided Nigeria: Higher economic growth potentials, a huge blend of agrarian and mining capacity, a much larger domestic market, a greater and more respected voice in the comity of nations, etc. My friend, Adenike Adebayo, says of our country’s pristine physical endowments: “[Nigeria is a] land of infinite diversity! From lowlands to grasslands to the sahel and back to lush rainforests.” Another friend, Mahmood Badaru, says, “Our cultural differences [comprise] a colourful heritage [and] should be our binding force…” We must safeguard Nigeria’s unity for posterity’s good!

Let me make a Biblical allusion to why I really fault the mostly venerated Bishop Oyedepo’s comment: The Bible teaches that the Church is the Bride of Jesus Christ. For a very long time, Jesus’ bride, the Church, has been an unfaithful partner with many inconsistencies, discordances, and malpractices but Jesus has not called for a split! Jesus continues to believe in His marriage to His bride and continues to encourage her to do the right things. The lesson here is that whilst there may presently be issues of strain between Nigeria’s North and South, imaginary or real, it does not suffice to split Nigeria in two, along those lines – with the naive excuse that marriage is not by force.

When Gaddafi pointedly called for Nigeria to be split in two in 2009 following the crisis sparked by late President Yar’Adua’s long absence, many a Nigerian cleric from both Christian and Muslim sides fervidly condemned him. Oyedepo would surely not want to be cited in Gaddafi’s class as one who made a statement suggestive of not being opposed to such a dissentious call.

Bishop Oyedepo’s ministry will certainly continue to grow – in Africa and beyond but Nigeria will always remain its base. Consequently, Oyedepo will do well to rather pray for peace in Nigeria just as Psalms 122:6 says; as well as to work for Nigeria to remain one – Psalm 122:3 paraphrased says, “[Nigeria] is built as a [country] that is compact together [united].”

Out of their sinister motives, an American agency, some years back, said Nigeria will split in 2015. In fact, in 2008, the US Army began war games, test-prospecting its response to Nigeria’s projected break-up. Out of his supposedly divinely inspired prophetic utterance, Oyedepo, in 2003, said Nigeria would be a great country from 2013 onwards. It would be telling if Oyedepo were to now lend credence to the American projection rather than to what should be a revelation from GOD to him regarding Nigeria’s coming greatness.

I have made public this well-intentioned disagreement with Bishop Oyedepo on this subject because Nigeria is bigger than all of us and, as great a man of GOD as he is, Bishop Oyedepo is also fallible. It is my prayer that Nigeria soon overcomes her present challenges and that Bishop Oyedepo makes amends for this unfortunate gaffe by continuing to be the blessing he is to our beloved country!

GOD bless Nigeria!


Posted March 4, 2012 by Raymond Eyo in Celebrating Nigeria

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  1. prophecies are fulfilled by humans. did the Pastor say Nigeria should break? i think not. The statement is part of a whole.. shouldn’t we look at the whole and not take it out of context?

    • Chidi, Bishop Oyedepo said “If the nation [Nigeria] will break, let it break.” Don’t you get it? This means, if it comes to that, the Bishop will not oppose it. No one says Oyedepo exactly said ‘Nigeria will break’. It’s you who’s taking my write-up out of context. Didn’t you see where I said men of Oyedepo’s calibre ought not to say things that are prevaricate?

    • Nobody has escaped prophetic uterance ever,unless he or she ammends his or her ways… wonder to see a prophet to be questioned ….

  2. I see dat some people are striving to become popular eg the writer of this article. Yes marriage is not by force if the people involved are not willing to change and make it work. Would u rather struggle to couple a nation whose pple are filled with corruption to d brim? Pls invest your time on profitable things than laying a curse on urself. If u lack wisdom, pls ask from God who is d giver of all. Wisdom is profitable to direct!!!

    • Ogho, I’m not sure you’ve read my article thoroughly. You’re very mistaken. You say I should invest my time on profitable things. Is defending Nigeria’s unity not a profitable thing? I’m not trying to be popular. Bishop Oyedepo’s statement doesn’t help to make Nigeria’s ‘marriage’ better. No curse can come upon me for defending a prophecy which he himself made in 2003 and which I sincerely believe in. Please, don’t be spiritually silly. It is you who lacks wisdom and needs to ask plenty of it from GOD. Your unnecessarily bitter diction here is more than ample proof of that. GOD bless you, my brother/sister.

      • When you write articles such as this with good intentions, don’t bother to defend yourself again! Your article says volume to the “wise”. Dont expect everyone to be on same page with u!

        It is a beautiful write up but most nigerians especially we chirstians decide to turn blind eye to the truth. Bishop Oyedepo is the president of my church and I revere him a lot but in as much as I tap from his anointing, he has also taught me how to discern right from wrong. He’s human just like Moses, so he is not immune to lust of the flesh. I’m so sure the statement was made out of the pains of his flesh and not with the guidance of the Holy spirit.

        We shall do well to pray and protect the heritage of our dear country since we have no other country to call our own!

      • Saks, thank you very much. I’m humbled by your kind words. This is the wisest and most comprehensive reaction I’ve read to my write-up thus far. You’ve said it all: We all follow Bishop David Oyedepo’s inspiring and anointed teachings and interestingly, he has taught us to be discerning and conscious of the truth as well as to defend it. I mean no disrespect or insult to him whatsoever. As you’ve said, “We shall do well to pray and protect the heritage of our dear country since we have no other country to call our own!” GOD bless you. GOD bless Nigeria!

      • Pls, brethren there is no need to quarrel over what Bishop Oyedepo has said or has not said here in the net. No need of cursing and calling names pls

        You are all children of God. Prayerfully understand yourselves in this regard. God still answers prayers. You’re capable of settling yourselves. You have the Spirit of God; and again, the ministry of reconciliation. Thanks and God bless you.

  3. Well written. Why men and women in high places who should be looked up to are the very ones fanning the embers of discord is beyond me. Somebody said that many countries in the world have a lot of natural disasters, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. but Nigeria’s only NATURAL DISASTERS ARE OUR LEADERS; Religious, Social, Economic/Business, Political. Traditional et al. Am beginning to believe him.

  4. Its unfortunate that you took this thing out of context. You will do well to listen to the whole message where the comment was extracted. The idea was that, which will be better, for the Country to split or they should continue killing people all over the country because some people want religious autonomy? Must christians be the sacrificial lambs for some bloodthirsty people wants a sharia constitution? He presented the Country with a choice. Am not sure anymore anybody is more passionate about the unity of Nigeria than him. Its obvious you don’t know the man in question.

    • Thanks for your polite and mature reaction, Midas. But you’re wrong to say that I don’t know Bishop Oyedepo. Only someone who knows him significantly, like me, will go back a decade to recall that he had passionately prophesied that Nigeria will be a great country ten years after. By the way, your reasoning that the Bishop put up the whole idea in the form of a question simply vindicates my view that his statement was prevaricate. All the same, he shouldn’t even have said a thing that would raise doubts about his commitment to Nigeria’s unity and glory. GOD bless you. GOD bless Nigeria!

  5. Some pple jst want unnecessary pubicity. Pls don’t use U̶̲̥̅̊r mouth against d man of God coz ds is same man dt prayed 4 nigeria in shilo2011 nd stl do 2 ds very moment. So stop quoting him d other way round in other 2 buttress U̶̲̥̅̊r so called write U̶̲̥̅̊p luking 4 an attension. Afta all“marriage is nt by force” trully

    • Omiya, it is not publicity I want. I’m not using my mouth against Bishop Oyedepo. I’m simply pointing out a mistake. He is human – and is liable to mistakes too. I’m not sure you’ve really read my article well. GOD bless you.

  6. Bishop Oyedepo is a Nigerian like you and I, he his also Human and has rights to speak in human capacity and not only as a prophet. He also has the right to be angry like you and I. I was at this service when the man of God made this utterance, it was a day when Boko Haram members almost killed some of CU corp members serving in the north. They had to made arrangement from Lagos to save those lives. In such situation, I don’t think he has said too much for this public criticism. He was not prophesying, He was only analysing like any Nigerian will do when such things Happen.

  7. Very few of these pastors is as passionate about Nigeria as Past. Bakare who is alwz ever ready n willing to give everything to see a Nigeria that will work in his lifetime. A gud number of d remaining are just ‘paper tigers’. Who among dem dare luk @ d govt and talk sense into them wen they’r goin wrong?

    • Bishop Oyedepo does not rebuke politicians in their absence alone in his messages which is what Pastor Bakare does but he rebukes them to their faces whenever they attend his services.

      At the least, he did that to Gbenga Daniels twice when he was Ogun state governor while the same Daniels wined and dined with Pastor Baakare.

      Talk is cheap and it takes God to reveal the intent of anyone’s heart.

      @Raymond, you claim you meant well with this article but the tone of the article and its title contradicts that.

      May God grant each of us wisdom cos Bishop Oyedepo’s denomination is one of the few churches that have heavy investments in the Northern Nigeria.

      The history of his life and ministry will not be complete without Northern Nigeria. Just like I wished all those who condemned Ojukwu would be man enough to admit Ojukwu was right and they were wrong (as evidenced by the honor given him at his death which I doubt if anyone of them can get).

      You will appreciate what the Bishop meant by “If Nigeria will break” were you the widower who lost a wife and two kids in Madalla or the Uncle of the little kids who lost both parents in Kano and you are now to take responsibility for them.

      Today, we know who loves Nigeria more between Ojukwu and the OBJs, T.Y. Danjumas, IBB, Gowons, Abachas, etc. Afterall, they claimed they laid their lives for the unity of this country with the oil blocks, oil wells and corrupt wealth they have amassed for their unborn generations.

      I will leave you with this Yoruba proverb “when we shed tears, we also see”, pls let us see clearly because not all those shouting Go On With One Nigeria actually mean well for Nigeria. SELAH!

      • Well said, Alapi. Of course, I meant well. You can’t complain about the tone of the article because I was very polite.
        Bishop Oyedepo shouldn’t even have said, “If Nigeria will break, so be it.” That phrase alone sounds like we are not very confident that Nigeria will remain one and coming from the Bishop, who, in 2003, prophesied that Nigeria will be great a decade later+, I think it doesn’t help our collective efforts for a better Nigeria! GOD bless you.

  8. Bishop Oyedepo happens to be a man I ve great respect for. Its really sad for him to give Nigeria up this way.

  9. Why must u centre all your words on what papa said and what he did not say. He has said it and you have got nothing to his statement. You will just keep posting whatever. Papa is a man of God. Leave him. You can also say your own

    • Hi Muyiwa. I didn’t centre all my words on what Bishop Oyedepo said. I centred my write-up on defending Nigeria’s unity by challenging what he said. What makes you think Bishop Oyedepo can’t make an error? I’ve not denied that Bishop Oyedepo is a proven man of GOD. It’s only he is not GOD! You’ve so seriously missed the point. For your information, as a Nigerian and as one who believes in the prophecy that GOD gave Bishop Oyedepo in 2003 – namely, that Nigeria will be great country a decade down the road, I’ve got quite a thing to say to this statement of his. I doubt you read the article. Try to use wisdom in reacting to articles of this nature next time. GOD bless you.

  10. I’ve noticed that a good number of people don’t take time to read this piece and rather rush to react on sentiments.
    GOD help Nigeria!

    • It is thesame wisdom you think you have that is actually deciving you. My point is that even if he said it the way you use your shallow wisdom to understand the statement. Are you going to kill yourself or what do you wana do. You are not the first critic and you will nt b d last you can say whatever. What have you contribute to the country in your life, who know you. Remember you can’t see higher than your imagination so I think you should just shut up. For your information I was in the service when the statement you wana kill yourself was made, the man of God said it conditionally as regard the current situation. Even if you are blind can’t you feel anything. D country is boiling and blood of innocents are flowing everywhere and you are your shallow mind writing rubbish to gain unnecessary attention. It was a conditional statement “if” dnt u go to school. I beg dnt let me talk.

  11. The issue of Nigeria breaking or not aside. My take on this will be towards those who think each time a pastor’s name is mentioned in rebuke or correction, the person involved is touching the Lord’s anointed and bringing a curse upon himself. When God says ‘touch not mine anointed’, He was speaking about a SPECIFIC HISTORICAL group of people. Firstly Abraham and then Israel whilst journeying to Egypt. Of course this is not to say we should be rude to the clergy. Paul instructs us to give them DOUBLE HONOUR. However when they make utterances or do things that are wrong and can lead the millions of people following them astray, it is best to speak out in order TO PRESERVE THE BODY OF CHRIST which by the way is bigger than our denominations.

    The Clergy are humans too, they make human mistakes, they are not in the spirit at all times. Like the rest of us they respond to their five senses, we should understand this and give them that allowance. They are not infallible. No pastor or Bishop is God. Not even the Pope of Rome can claim infallibility unless when He claims to sit upon His throne as pope and make statements (after due consultation, study and probably prayers) even that stance is still classed as wrong by Bible Scholars. No man is above making mistakes.

    On Nigeria, at face value we think breaking is the solution to our problems. But then if Nigeria breaks today will it stop the Obasanjos in the south from seeing what gain they can make for themselves, will it stop the Akala’s from rigging election for Ogbomoso region, state or whatever it is called? Will it stop Tinubu from wanting to Lord it over everyone and Agagu from wanting to be Senator after his last election was declared a fraud? The People who destroyed it whilst it was called NIgeria will also destroy it when it it called Oodua Republic, Biafra and Republic of Northern Nigeria.

    Of course with the inhuman killings in the North it is only normal for any concerned person to call for each party to go their ways. Sadly it is true that marriage is not by force. I don’t blame the Bishop for saying that out of the anger he feels because of recent happenings. But do I doubt that Oyedepo will work for a united Nigeria? No. I believe he would want NIgeria united. This is the time when we need him and other crowd controlling clergy to rise up and use their influence to kick out corruption and the selfishness of our people. Oyedepo is not infallible and before anyone starts telling the author of the article that He is raining a curse on himself,I will ask that such a person pause and please read the Bible as an enlightened person and not as a religious anything-pastor-says- is -okay Christian. Because if that is the case, then you are heaping curses upon your head if Pastor sleeps with your wife and you react

  12. Pls Ray, the 2003 prophesy(which happens to be ur reference point) dit he specify dat by 2003 Nigeria will be ONE great nation? Or was it “a great nation” he said?

    • I’m glad someone brought up the issue of the 2003 prophecy and acknowledges it as my reference point. Arit, here’s what Bishop Oyedepo said in 2003, which was reported in the Winners’ World newspaper/magazine: “Ten years from today, Nigeria will be to the world what the United States [currently] is…I am saying this to you as a prophet… Nigeria will be great…” He also added that Africa was going to be to the world what the West was then. By the way, thanks for your politeness and maturity.

    • Arit, I must say that Bishop Oyedepo’s 2003 prophecy (which I’ve cited above) was directed at the Federal Republic of Nigeria! I don’t know of any other.

  13. Well am must commend the writer at least for the respect in his tone while writing this article…..and I get the man of God’s reaction because after watching some disturbing videos and living there(north) even though for a short time,I think I share his sentiment …..but I say there are some things you don’t say in a period like this especially as a public figure….even though we need to remind ourselves once in a while what might result from the way we are going in this country. knowing Papa’s passion for one Nigeria…..I will still rate him far above so many pastors as far as Nigerian unity is concerned……in our closets let’s continue to pray for Nigeria….God bless Nigeria

    • Amen! Akinmolu, thanks for sharing your insightful perspective. Thanks as well for the commendation and for the maturity and wisdom in your reaction overall. I am glad and humbled you noticed and acknowledged that I wrote with respect. You’re right – we must keep praying for Nigeria – all will be well soon. The challenges we face today are simply birth pangs that will lead to the dawn of a new Nigeria. GOD bless you. GOD bless Nigeria.

  14. This Bishop has read widely but
    never endured long enough to study Nigeria – the marriage of Providence. Nigeria will remain one AND DISCARD OYE AND COMPANY TO BE GREAT. Our problem is never from the Amalgamation but that of
    few bad eggs that held us up
    ransomely and feeding fat from our collective wealth. These crooks are everywhere and they are drawn from the North, South, West and East. They are Yorubas, Hausas, Igbos,Ibibios, Tivs, Kanuris etc. They come from Christians, Muslims and even from the Atheists.

    Our problems are those of collective sense belongingness, togetherness that were betrayed by our pseudo-leaders that are from every part of us. Can Bishop Oye tell how from the Nigeria of today that gave birth to the likes of Turakis, Iboris, Akalas, Odilis, Ali Sheriffs or even Tafa Baloguns, Ringim etc or the
    complacent, conformists, fearful and docile masses is he going to form another country of his bewildering that could be different from the
    whole he collected?

    Our history is partially to be blamed for the behaviour of the likes of
    Bishop Oye. I do not for a second
    like how we got our independence – on the flatter of gold! Our independence should have been a great source and strength of our collectiveness, unity and the impetus of the sense of indispensability of the
    commonwealth. Our independence
    should have buried our differences
    and exuded our love for one another without the odd and mundane
    referal to resources, which are
    transient, and leaving the importance of the humans that harness them outside.

    Had we struggled to earn our
    independence, we would learnt the
    indispensability of every region,
    people and even persons. Our
    differences are complementary and
    must appreciate and compliment to grow from strength to strength. We must jettisone people from whatever persuasion they come to stitch our collective commonwealth that has been battered badly by likes of Bishop Oye that are found
    everywhere. Little wonder he annointed mediocres like Goodluck to stress-up the country with poverty, insecurity, further corruption, rigging etc to tailor the nation towards the precipe.


    Ibraheem Baba Shehuri

    • Apostle Oludimu: Thanks for your great and important reaction, Sir. However, I must begin by disagreeing with you: I didn’t want to rubbish the honour of Bishop Oyedepo. You assumed very incorrectly. I love and respect Bishop David Oyedepo -so much. On the contrary, I want to emphasise that he prophesied that Nigeria was going to be great and I believe that and so, we all should stick with it, challenges notwithstanding. I wasn’t trying to ridicule him in anyway! That’s just so untrue and I wouldn’t accept it from you or from anyone else.

      satan cannot deceive me. As long as GOD lives, no curse can ever come upon me! That’s practically impossible!

      I appreciate your wise suggestion and I must say I thought of that but then, I put it in the public domain because it is Nigeria that is at stake – not Bishop Oyedepo. Noah and his sons had a private family encounter. Bishop Oyedepo spoke publicly about Nigeria – that’s the difference.

      Amen to your prayer!
      GOD bless you.

    • Apostle Oludimu, I must also beg to emphatically deny that I wasn’t seeking for popularity nor was I trying to project myself as more intelligent than Bishop Oyedepo. Though Scripture says the latter glory is greater than the former and though our LORD JESUS Himself said we’ll do greater things than Him if we believe, I admit without dispute that Bishop Oyedepo is one of the wisest ministers in our generation – much wiser than I am. Sadly, all those your assumptions were influenced by your own personal thoughts and considerations. If you asked the Holy Spirit, He’ll tell you why I wrote the piece. As a man of GOD, you should not rush into such conclusions. It won’t do us any good!
      GOD bless you.

    • Whatever a man says he shall give account of it one day. Please, let us be mindful of what we say here.

      Using abusive words in defence or against in this matter will not convince anybody . It will only give room to the devil and send people to hell.

      Are we, no longer the children of God we say we are? Do we no longer belong to His kingdom? How can we be cursing and blessing at the same time?

      People in the kingdom of God don’t use abusive words when expressing their opinion in any given matter.

      In light of the above, let us forgive one another as far as this matter is concerned. Let us consider It closed. They are polite and respectful human beings. Hostility, anger or bitterness are not parts of their lives.

      It may interest you to know here that Our Bishop Oyedepo is not happy, certainly not, about the abusive ways people are using to responding and defending what he has said.
      I end here by stating that it takes a christian, certainly not a kingdom child, to continue in this debate. Thanks and may God bless every one of you in the name Jesus Christ.

      Rev Monday E Aluola, Word of Faith Bible Church Int Inc, Zone 1, Wuse Abuja. +2348072262215

      • Whatever a man says he shall give account of it one day. Please, let us be mindful of what we say here.

        Using abusive words in defence or going against in this matter will not convince anybody . It will only give room to the devil sending people to hell.

        Are we, no longer the children of God we say we are? Do we no longer belong to His kingdom? How can we be cursing and blessing at the same time?

        People in the kingdom of God don’t use abusive words expressing opinion in any given matter. They are polite and respectful human beings. Hostility, anger or bitterness are not parts of their lives.

        In light of the above, let us forgive one another as far as this matter is concerned. Let us consider It closed.

        It may interest you to know here that Our Bishop Oyedepo is not happy, certainly not, about the abusive ways people are using to responding and defending what he has said.

        I end here by stating that it takes a christian, certainly not a kingdom child, to continue in this debate. Thanks and may God bless every one of you in the name Jesus Christ.

        Rev Monday E Aluola, Word of Faith Bible Church Int Inc, Zone 1, Wuse Abuja. +2348072262215

  16. Amen! You’ve spoken very well, Rev. Aluola. I can’t say any more – you’ve said it all, and with lots of wisdom.
    GOD bless you. GOD bless Nigeria!

  17. Nigeria is a great nation in africa. Our prayers is that our greatness will not destroy

    Omoniyi francis
  18. Talk about corruption, or people suffering and dying, and you don’t get a reply. Talk about a ‘man of God’, point out something wrong, and people attack you. It’s just so sad.

    • It’s such an irony, Rinsola, and yet some people think that I’m seeking for popularity by writing this. I knew many would be offended by the piece but I was convicted to write and I did. GOD help Nigeria!

  19. I love the write up and this is coming from a person who had a muslim dad (from Gombe) and a christian mum (from Anambra) Grew up Christian from birth with a dad that loved me, and others around him, irrespective of their choice of religion, so I know for a fact that we can live together if only we learn to embrace one another irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion n whatever seeks to divide us! Or if not think of the Nign half caste please 🙂

  20. Raymond, may your peace be multiplied by the Lord. But I as a Southerner think for the moment, that Southern Nigeria including the middle-belt should pioneer a union with Cameroon, Togo, Benin and beyond in future, with a paramount miscegenation program and policy. And Northernmost Nigeria, Arewa if you fancy it, should be allowed to seek out it’s own destiny as a nation. So I agree with the bishop here and enthusiastically await your thoughts on this.

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