Yesterday, President Goodluck Jonathan had his second media chat with some elements of the Nigeria press. In what was akin to an elaborate press conference, the president took questions from the panel and responded accordingly. However, at the end of it all, reactions by Nigerians from near and far started flooding in on social network sites notably facebook and twitter. In the following compilation, I have picked out some telling and objective comments from twitter, including some of mine that can rightfully be construed as comprising a significantly representative verdict on GEJ’s second presidential media chat.

@Raymond_Eyo (Me): GEJ messed up at the Presidential Media Chat! It was a show of mediocrity on his part and a proof that he’s rather learning on the job!
@Raymond_Eyo (Me): NTA must also be chastised for their phone line blunder during the Presidential Media Chat. No single call went through! What a disgrace!
@Ibiphil (Kunle Phillips): Believe me sincerely we all got [it] wrong when we allowed [GEJ] to be our president; he [was] never worth it.
@YadomaMandara via @hanatubams (Yadoma Mandara): Does GEJ know anything? All his answers [began] or [ended] with “I don’t know exactly”.

There was this brilliant question by Oluwaseun Fakuade @seunfakze: “Leaders inspire their followers when they speak, how did you feel listening to GEJ tonight?” To it were the following responses:

@babaesir (isah72): “Listening to GEJ, I was totally downcast, wondering what the future holds for the giant ship left without a captain.”
@uzomac (Charles Uzoma ): “GEJ doesn’t inspire confidence.”
@tasamu (S. Aliyu M): “I finally lost hope!”
@deboadejugbe (Debo Adejugbe): “Watery [and] dry [together]”
@WordsworthGwary (Al-Mustapha Gwary): “Demoralised!”
@Mukhtar_Dotun Ijaiya (Dotun Mukhtar): “Depressed and hopeless!”
@Qamaludeen (Arch. Kamal Bappa): “Enveloped by [a] feeling of hopelessness!”
@Lukrauf (Lukman Abdulra’uf): “Disgusted!”

Other pungent comments comprised the following:
@AlikoA (Ahmed Aliko Ahmed): We’ve never had it this bad. This is supposed to be the most powerful man in sub-Saharan Africa or one of the most powerful.
@omojuwa (J Japheth-Omojuwa): If this was an exam, they’d have arrested the president for attempting questions meant for people with brains.
@omojuwa (J Japheth-Omojuwa): The President was instinctively defending the cabal and contractors. It was so subconscious even he didn’t realise it.

In what can be considered a conclusion on the matter, prominent political blogger and analyst, Japheth J. Omojuwa, said the following @omojuwa:

– When presidents speak no matter how poor the economy, you find inspiration. This one causes you depression.
– If you must dance naked, dance in the privacy of your room. President Jonathan should avoid media chats
– Give this president 10 years to rule and he’d still not have a clue what being president is. He is incurably clueless.
– No question on national security, no question on public officers’ pay, but then even [if] they asked him he’d have mumbled nonsense.

Finally, and on a mildly positive note, former FCT Minister and public affairs analyst, Nasir El-Rufai, @elrufai said, “The Media Chat has come and gone…let us pray hard for our nation…for the end to our daily traumas…let GEJ be, he needs prayers too…”

GOD bless Nigeria!


Posted December 24, 2011 by Raymond Eyo in Aso Villa

4 responses to “GEJ’S DECEMBER 23, 2011 MEDIA CHAT: THE VERDICT

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  1. I’m really tired of the complaints of many people that voted Gej. They (that voted Gej) should all form an association to organisers serious radio and tv adverts with the Dbanj’s, 2face’s, P Square’s, Genevieve and Olu Jacob led Nolly Wood leading the association to apologise for we that never believed and will never believed in a G.oodluck Not to mention an E.bele or a J.onathan. Shame on mediocrity and above all shame on Corruptocracy in the guise of Democracy!

    • Yemi, thanks for commenting. Indeed, it is so sad indeed! I hope these fellows who voted GEJ now see the mess they have plunged Nigeria into. Nonetheless, I expect that they should learn from this terrible error and vote out the PDP in 2015! Nigeria cannot afford four more years of this extremely corrupt PDP-dominated ruling class after 2015. For GOD’s sake, we need a change!!!

  2. Brother, awfully,dreadfully and irredeemably odd. What an austere display of mediocrity and incompetence!!!

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