HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY, AIT!!!   1 comment

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Nigeria’s premier private television broadcasting house, the Africa Independent Television (AIT), clocks 15 years of existence today. In 15 years, AIT, the first TV station to run 24-hour broadcasting in Nigeria and Africa’s first-ever Satellite TV station has come of age and is worth being celebrated.

Indeed, AIT was born in the last years of military rule in Nigeria and played a significant role in erasing the last autocratic vestiges of the same as well as in building consciousness around the quest for democratic rule then which materialised in 1999.

More importantly, AIT has since been in the vanguard to constantly improve on Nigeria’s democracy by providing credible reporting on the issues that matter most to Nigerians. I have personally enjoyed watching programs like “Focus Nigeria” with Gbenga Aruleba, “Democratic License” with Imoni Amarere,“The Money Show” with Nancy Iloh and “Kaakaki” with Oloyede Oworu and Usama Ugbiko and others.

Sincerely, it won’t be too much to say that AIT has also contributed immensely to strengthening the media in Nigeria and helping to position it as the veritable ‘Fourth Realm of the Estate’ with all the attendant obligations that that entails.

I therefore join well-meaning Nigerians to commend and celebrate with Dr Raymond Dokpesi, the founder and chairperson of AIT’s governing body, Daar Communications, on this amiable milestone in our country’s private broadcasting history as well as with all the directors, reporters and journalists, technicians and other staff of AIT.

Going forward, I pray GOD blesses AIT with even more wisdom, dynamism and improved performance. GOD bless Nigeria!


Posted December 6, 2011 by Raymond Eyo in Celebrating Nigeria

One response to “HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY, AIT!!!

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  1. Kudos to Dr Raymond Dokpesi and the entire AIT staff for a 15th Anniversary well worth being celebrated! GOD bless AIT at 15! GOD bless Nigeria!

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