I just read that, miffed by the extravagant lifestyle of some key government officials [particularly] during foreign trips, President Jonathan has said he would introduce new initiatives which would monitor the spending habits of all principal office holders while abroad, and that the presidency will today [could be any other day] hold a conference for governors, ministers, directors of ministries, council chairmen and other key government officials to acquaint them with the need to be more accountable and reduce extravagance especially while on foreign trips. To read the full article, visit:

However, and strangely, the memo announcing this fundamentally administrative resolve was issued by the National Security Adviser, General Andrew Azize instead of by the Secretary to the Federal Government or the Presidential spokesperson.

Nonetheless, more serious is the fact that, whilst the idea is laudable, it has to be said that a simple and strong-worded Presidential directive to the various government officials and stakeholders would have served the purpose. This approach of having to hold conferences even to address basic bureaucratic lapses is not only bad but in this context; it is also another valve for more wasteful spending of the nation’s resources.

Needless to say, the resolutions that will be churned out by this conference notwithstanding, their implementation will require the President’s resolute and decisive political will to ensure that these officials henceforth adhere to standards expected of them. Sadly, for a president generally perceived as weak and whose directive to restrict the use of sirens to a particular cadre of state officials has been flagrantly flouted by even cabinet members, that would be too much to ask! GOD help Nigeria!


Posted December 5, 2011 by Raymond Eyo in Aso Villa


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  1. Ordinarily, one would want to hope that President Jonathan can find the political will and strategy to hold to account any government officials who disregard his directives especially those which border on the proper and judicious use of the nation’s funds. Sadly, the truth remains that, not only does he not have any precedents in that respect, but he has generally been found wanting when it comes to stopping the corrupt political behemoth that is our bureaucracy from having its way.

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